“When I began my fitness journey nearly four years ago, I was honestly skeptical. I had never had the resolve to stick with a program. I began, two days a week working out with a private trainer. Currently, I go three times a week, including a one-on-one Pilates session. The boutique, private gym experience has truly worked for me. I am down over 50 lbs., my energy level and general health has improved drastically.” 

“Proud to share that during the pandemic, I was able to continue my sessions remotely never losing the progress achieved. Beyond Fitness has changed my quality of life! I am a happy member of their community. Kudos to Brad Krzykowski for creating a welcoming, comfortable atmosphere where I have had the opportunity to surpass my fitness goals.”

- Marybeth R.

"The first time I walked into Beyond Fitness I immediately liked its vibe and energy because of its intimacy. The space is comfortable, inviting and clean making Beyond Fitness a great place to workout and its distinctiveness makes training there enjoyable. I always look forward to going there for these reasons. Everyone is respectful and nice there, too.” 

"My work with Shiho Clark has far surpassed any experience I have had with trainers in the past. I appreciate her keen attention to detail and how that translates to correct form and function. I have learned so much from her about how to move my body properly which brings me great joy in addition to the strength and mobility I’ve gained. At 60, I can move my body in ways I didn’t think possible. Training with Shiho has been a wonderful experience."

-  Mary C.

“I've been working with Lee-Ann for several years. Lee-Ann is dependable, pleasant, knows her job and trains to your ability. At 70 years old, I feel a lot healthier today than when I was in my 30s and I attest that to Lee-Ann's excellent training ability. I enjoy working with Lee-Ann at Beyond Fitness because the location has good clientele; the training facility is safe, clean and not crowded. Brad goes above and beyond to ensure the safety of its clientele with a deep cleaning protocol and mandate for its trainers, temperature checks and sanitization policies for those using the facility as well as weekly COVID clearance check ins using the gym's form.”

-  Curtis K.

“I have been a twice-a-week client of Brad Krzykowski and Beyond Fitness for 17 years. In all those years, Brad has provided exceptional advice and a tailored workout regimen that has contributed to my health and well-being. And, the facilities are absolutely clean, comfortable and easily accessible in town .If you are looking for a great trainer and place to go, you will not be disappointed with Brad and his team at Beyond Fitness.”

-  Mitchell I.

"I strongly recommend Beyond Fitness for those looking for a more boutique, less mass/industrial style of gym. Instead of rows and rows of machines and accompanying crowds, there is a curated selection of quality equipment and skilled trainers who put together a regimen specifically tailored to your needs and abilities. I’ve felt that I’ve always had more than enough room to work out in the space because Brad takes care not to over-schedule the gym. Plus it is kept meticulously clean, cleaner than most gyms I’ve worked out in. Finally, everybody is friendly and welcoming, regardless of your fitness level."

"I’ve been a client of Shiho’s for a number of years and I can honestly say that she is the best personal trainer I’ve had. I've seen a huge increase in my strength and balance, thanks to her encouragement and dedication to improving my fitness. She seems to have a sixth sense for when to push me, without pushing me right over the edge. And she’s my biggest cheerleader, even when I’m struggling. Thanks to Shiho ,I’ve accomplished things that I had thought I was not capable of doing. I would recommend her as a personal trainer to anyone, whether you’re a beginner or already an athlete."

-  Tina K.

“I have been a client of Brad Krzykowski for over 16 years, initially to get in shape, but as time and my physical fitness progressed, we worked on preparing for higher levels of cardio and strength so I could perform at an optimal level. As a tennis player, his coaching helped me improve my ranking locally and compete at a national level for many years. Brad is all about the individual needs of his client(s) and is unmatched in his ability to pivot his coaching to the needs of any age and ability. He's not just a "jock" or athlete...he's the most intelligent fitness coach versed in many disciplines that have benefitted me and his clients. As long as I am able, I will be a client of Brad Krzykowski.”

-  Marie I.

"PRIVACY is my favorite reason to train at Beyond Fitness: no audience to my workout ;no gossiping friends, no chatty clients, no shop-talking coworkers. I have an hour with my trainer to take care of myself. The big-box gyms can’t offer that."

"Shiho Clark made a detailed assessment of my training needs and found deficiencies in flexibility, balance, and strength. After 4 years of training with Shiho, I have improved in all dimensions. My chronic back & neck pain are less severe& less frequent. My swimming times have improved. My posture is more balanced. Training with Shiho is a valuable investment in my health & well-being.“

-  Sheri K.

“Brad keeps me motivated and makes working out enjoyable! My personalized workouts enhance my mental and physical wellbeing. The gym is spacious, immaculate and private. Highly recommend Beyond Fitness!”

-  Alvin C.

"I am in my 60’s and have been training with Shiho for the past 3 years. During this time, I have gained muscle, strength and added confidence. I’m able to complete workouts that I couldn’t do in my 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s and I see and feel results that far surpass years with other trainers. By using an array of equipment Shiho personally tailors each session according to my needs. She always focuses her undivided attention on what I am doing and pushes me to my full potential. Shiho is meticulous and knowledgeable about correct form and stresses the proper execution of each exercise. As a former educator, I appreciate that she is passionate about her profession and always seeking ways to further educate herself and her clients. Training with Shiho has been a great experience and by far one of the finest investments I’ve made for myself."

"Beyond Fitness where we train is safe, clean and inviting. Areas are sanitized after each client and safety practices are strictly enforced. It’s the perfect place to work out!”

-  Gayle H.

“Beyond Fitness is guided by professional trainers with decades of experience and expertise. I am 74 years old and have worked with Mr. Brad for over 15 years. I’m still walkin’, pumpin’,and struttin’ thanks to Beyond Fitness!!! Try it!!!”

-  Gregg L.

"Beyond Fitness Hawaii is a unique boutique fitness center where exceptional trainers provide personalized training in a comfortable and spacious setting conveniently located in the center of Honolulu." 

"Shiho is an exceptional trainer whose knowledge and experience is unparalleled in Hawaii. She carefully tailors a training plan for each client according to their current state and goals. She has the people skills to train people of all ages and skill levels deftly. If you commit to work with her, you will be pleased with the results."

-  Brian K.

“I have been a client of Brad's for many years. Under his guidance, I have maintained my balance, strength, flexibility, and weight. He has truly been instrumental in my overall well-being. Beyond Fitness is a good name for Brad's business. Not only are my weekly sessions improving my fitness, but I leave in a better state of mind. I also love the other services that can be enjoyed at this gym. Over the years, I have had many excellent massage sessions, and just recently I enjoyed an introduction to Pilates. The studio is comfortable, clean and convenient. If you are looking to improve your health and wellness, then do consider Beyond Fitness.”

-  Demetra K.

“I have been working out off and on at Beyond Fitness for over 5 years. The staff is very knowledgeable and does an outstanding job of tailoring a fitness plan to suit your needs. They are extremely thorough about following COVID guidelines for wiping down equipment and safe distancing for the safety and comfort of trainers and their clients.”

-  Itaat H.

“I’d like to share what has supported me in good health these past 14 years! It’s Brad Krzykowski, the owner of Beyond Fitness and my outstanding trainer the entire way. His knowledge of nutrition is a must for an excellent trainer. He not only has the education but more importantly the common sense. Also want to add the tremendous team working with him in a beautiful, clean facility on Halekauwila Street. I just ask you to meet with him once and then do what you can to budget this twice a week for two hours. The dividends will be huge!!”

-  Jed G.

“Brad embodies Beyond Fitness. His approach to fitness incorporates the whole person…physically, emotionally, nutritionally. His encouragements come with a huge smile. His gym is spotlessly clean and sanitized. My workouts with Brad was a bright spot in the gloom of COVID. He makes no judgements, no comparisons, only positive encouragements.”

-  Susan I.

“I was referred to Brad by a dear friend and I am most grateful. The experience is excellent. Brad is simply awesome -- extremely knowledgeable, professional, patient… and fun. He is focused on your goals so the routines are personalized with clear explanations of the benefits of all movements…and results. I feel far stronger and more stable which are a few of my fitness goals. Brad is also a fanatic about creating a physical environment that is functional and comfortable; parking is easy; and his attention to cleanliness is impeccable.”

-  Ruthann Y.

“I have been training with Brad for over 15 years and have known him to be the absolute best personal trainer on this island. What makes Brad unique is his ability to adapt the training regimen to any age and any sport. Whether it was football, wrestling, tennis, Brazilian jiujitsu, surfing, or even if I am just trying to get back in shape after years of having a desk job, Brad has always been able to customize my workout to my specific needs at that point in my life. Although Brad is not a dietitian, he has expert knowledge on the science of food, nutrition, body chemistry and is able to cite detailed impacts that both specific foods and specific exercises have on my body. In addition to having my highest recommendation as a personal trainer, he is also an extreme professional. His gym is always clean, comfortable and private. If you are serious about being the healthiest version of yourself, Beyond Fitness will get you there!”

-  Michael I.

“I have been working with Brad for several years-anytime I am in Honolulu. He is an excellent trainer and I enjoy his personality. I like that he adapts to my age and ability. His studio is very clean. Clients must wear masks and all equipment is sanitized after each use. It is a pleasure to go to his studio!”

-  Marilyn L.

“I've been training with Brad since 2018 from age 67. I have a back condition and my goal was to be able to carry my laundry basket. Mission accomplished and beyond! I've been able to lift a 50# kettlebell and gained side benefits such as better balance, core strength, muscles and improved bone density. Brad's understanding of my condition, his careful training techniques, and patience give me confidence during my workouts. The studio is clean and safe, and the measures taken during the COVID-19 pandemic gives me peace of mind. Thanks Brad for your help!”

-  Marian S.

“I started training with Brad for a torn meniscus. At the time I was doing group exercise but needed one-on-one training to educate me on using the correct forms to improve my knee and prevent injuries. Months of conditioning with Brad improved my left knee immensely. So much so, that I decided to continue with him as my permanent trainer. I’m in my 60s so no high impact for me anymore. His cardio, strengthening, and balance exercises are challenging and I can see results. Just when I think I’ve reached my limit, Brad shows me there’s still lots more I can do. Beyond Fitness also has a welcoming& very clean environment. From the work out areas to the restrooms, everywhere is always very neat and sanitary.”

-  Holly M.

“I began training at Beyond Fitness during the 2020-21 COVID era. It was only after I toured the facility and saw the care and concern that Brad had taken to protect his clients and himself.”

-  Joe C.